Office 2011 for Mac not supported in MacOS11

Microsoft have announced that Office 2011 for Mac will have it’s support and updates ended on October 10th 2017. The software, which was originally released in late 2010, is the last version before Microsoft introduced its subscription version with Office 2015, now 2016 for Mac. Microsoft say they will not be testing it in the new High Sierra MacOS coming out this autumn, and no feature or security updates will be released after the October date.

Third party tests, with the latest High Sierra demos from Apple, indicate that Office 2011 is extremely unstable with features that don’t work and the software quitting often.

Office 2011 is probably the most widely used version on the Mac at the moment, but this latest news should make people take the step to upgrade. Our experience is that the subscription model is not as expensive as some may think.

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