Building templates

Most projects start as a design in PDF or InDesign from one of our design clients. We print it out, review it, consider what functionality is needed, and question how we have to build it and what the end user needs to do with it. We develop the template for the end user, but we work very hard to retain as much of the original design as we can.

We specialise in: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Apple Keynote and Pages and Google Slides.

Most designers produce layouts that are destined for ink on paper. That’s great for printing, but it only answers some of the questions for something more interactive. Even the simplest letterhead is more than one page. We estimate the work based on the individual project, and the more detailed the brief, the more accurate we can be with the costs, and how long it will take to produce. We will try to talk you through any aspect of the work, and explain the proposal we make. [It’s a technical subject and some projects can be quite involved.]

We develop:

  • Stationery templates
    Letterheads, memos, meeting notes, Agendas, etc. All well behaved and easy to use.
  • Promotional and information templates
    Fact sheets, Forms, newsletters, email, etc. Easy ways to promote a business.
  • Report and proposal templates
    Cover, table of contents, main body and more. Much more.
  • PowerPoint templates
    Users get to build their own presentations with fully branded, predefined title slides, dividers and prebuilt custom layouts. Custom programming can add some very time-efficient features.
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Fully developed presentations for specific events. Animation, video, navigation, custom programming.

In every project we deal with issues you probably don’t even know you have, both during and after the work, we support everything we do, so you can rely on us being here when you need us, and ready to answer whatever questions you, or your clients, have.

If you have a project that includes implementing Office templates, send an email below or give one of us a call on 020 3251 0251.

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