Safe MSOffice fonts

A Full list of fonts available in both Office for Mac and Office for Windows

Last updated: 26-04-24.

Please note: The following details are the result of ongoing research to produce a list of available fonts across both Mac and Windows, where Microsoft Office is installed. Due to the changes by Apple, Microsoft and Office installs, some inaccuracies  may occur from time to time and you agree to use this list at your own risk.

Putting in the effort

At Operandi, we implement corporate identity and brand rules across a wide range of document types, so it’s important to know which fonts are available for Microsoft Office projects. These default fonts can be broken down into two main categories:

  1. Fonts installed with the Operating System (OS)
  2. Fonts installed with software (Such as Office)

Some fonts on the Mac need to be selected in the font menu to download them for use.

Microsoft actively removes fonts during some updates, so it’s worth appreciating that fonts on one computer are not necessarily the same on another. What we are doing here is comparing computer installs and the fonts installed with different versions of Office, both Mac and Windows. Some fonts are limited to one weight only, such as regular or italic, and not all fonts include what most people consider the standard range. [Regular, italic, bold, bold italic.] We have tried to note which font weights are included.

The following fonts should be standard on both Mac and Windows starting from Office 2007 Windows and Office 2011 Mac. [Note special considerations for some fonts.] Microsoft install some fonts within Office, and may not be available to any other software.

Available fonts

  1. Aptos (Black, Display, ExtraBold, Light, Mono, Narrow, SemiBold, Serif) **
  2. Arial (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  3. Arial Black (Regular)
  4. Arial Narrow (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  5. Arial Nova (Light, Light italic, Regular, Regular italic, Bold, Bold italic, Condensed (Light, Regular, Bold.))
  6. Arial Rounded Bold (Regular) **
  7. Avenir Next (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) †
  8. Baskerville Old Face (Regular)
  9. Bauhaus 93 (Regular)
  10. Bell MT (Regular, Italic, Bold)
  11. Bernard MT Condensed (Regular)
  12. Book Antiqua (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic)
  13. Bookman Old Style (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  14. Bookshelf Symbol 7 (Regular)
  15. Britannic Bold (Regular)
  16. Brush Script MT (Italic)
  17. Calibri (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic, Light)
  18. Calibri Light (Regular)
  19. Calisto MT (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic)
  20. Cambria (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic)
  21. Cambria Math (Regular)
  22. Candara (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic)
  23. Century (Regular)
  24. Century Gothic (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  25. Century Schoolbook (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic)
  26. Colonna MT (Regular)
  27. Comic Sans MT (Regular, Bold) **
  28. Consolas (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic)
  29. Constantia (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic)
  30. Cooper Black (Bold)
  31. Copperplate Gothic Bold (Regular)
  32. Copperplate Gothic Light (Regular)
  33. Corbel (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic)
  34. Courier new (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  35. Curlz MT (Regular)
  36. Edwardian Script ITC (Regular)
  37. Engravers MT (Regular, Bold)
  38. Footlight MT Light (Regular)
  39. Franklin Gothic Book (Regular)
  40. Franklin Gothic Italic (Regular) *
  41. Franklin Gothic Bold (Regular) *
  42. Franklin Gothic Medium  (Regular, Italic) **
  43. Franklin Gothic Demi (Regular) *
  44. Franklin Gothic Heavy (Regular) *
  45. Franklin Gothic Condensed Demi (Regular) *
  46. Franklin Gothic Condensed Medium (Regular) *
  47. Gadugi (Regular, Bold) >*
  48. Garamond (Regular, Italic, Bold) **
  49. Georgia (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  50. Gill Sans MT (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic, Condensed, Ext. Condensed) m*
  51. Gill Sans UltraBold (Bold) m*
  52. Gloucester MT Extra Condensed (Regular)
  53. Goudy Old Style (Regular, Italic, Bold)
  54. Grandview (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic, Display) **
  55. Haettenschweiler (Regular) **
  56. Harrington (Regular)
  57. Impact (Regular) **
  58. Imprint MT Shadow (Regular)
  59. Lucida Bright (Regular, Italic, DemiBold, DemiBold italic) **
  60. Lucida Calligraphy (Italic) **
  61. Lucida Console (Regular) **
  62. Lucida Fax (Regular, Italic, DemiBold, DemiBold Italic)
  63. Lucida Handwriting (Italic)
  64. Lucida Sans (Regular, Italic, DemiBold, DemiBold Italic) **
  65. Lucida Sans Typewriter (Regular, Oblique, Bold, Bold Oblique) **
  66. Lucida Sans Unicode (Regular) **
  67. Ming Liu (Regular)
  68. Mistral (Regular) **
  69. Modern No. 20 (Regular)
  70. Monotype Corsiva (Regular)
  71. Microsoft San Serif (Regular)
  72. Microsoft Yahei (Regular)
  73. MS Gothic (Regular)
  74. MS Mincho (Regular) **
  75. MS PGothic (Regular)
  76. MS Reference Sans Serif (Regular)
  77. MS Reference Specialty (Regular)
  78. Onyx (Regular) **
  79. Palatino Linotype (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic)
  80. Perpetua (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  81. Perpetua Titling MT (Light, Bold) **
  82. Playbill (Regular) **
  83. PMingLiu (Regular)
  84. Rockwell (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  85. Rockwell Extra Bold (Regular) **
  86. Seaford (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic, Display) **
  87. Segoe Print (Regular, Bold)
  88. Segoe Script (Regular, Bold)
  89. Segoe UI (Black, Bold, Semibold, Regular, Light, Semilight)
  90. SimHei (Regular)
  91. SimSun (Regular)
  92. Skeena (Regular, Bold, Italic, Bold italic, Display) **
  93. Stencil (Regular) **
  94. Tahoma (Regular, Bold) **
  95. Tenorite (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic, Display) *
  96. Times New Roman (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  97. Trebuchet MS (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  98. Tw Cen MT (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  99. Verdana (Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic) **
  100. Webdings (Regular)
  101. Wide Latin (Regular) **
  102. Wingdings 2 (Regular)
  103. Wingdings 3 (Regular)
  104. Wingdings (Regular)

Please note:
( * ) Fonts installed since Office 2015 Mac, but available earlier on Windows
( ** ) Generally considered websafe fonts
( >* ) Free, but you must download it on the Mac from the font menu
( m* ) Installed with Mac Office, but not necessarily on Windows
(†) Microsoft Cloud font. User must download from font menu on Windows.

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