Good to know

The fact is, we support every single template we build at some point. On smaller projects, it could be that we have to talk something through with the client. On larger, more complicated projects, we turn up wherever we are needed and do what is required. There are small jobs and complex jobs, but we treat each one with as much thought and consideration as the next. There’s no such thing as a simple job, just projects of different technical requirements.

Support is a difficult call. A part of the work we do is naturally very technical so, clearly, not everyone understands it in quite the same way. It’s our job to make the whole thing seem simple, even if it isn’t.

If you have a question about the work we do, or need to know something before a meeting, just give us a call. If you really want a chat, arrange a meeting, and one of us will be glad to come on over and talk it all through.

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