How our process works

Unlike freelancers, we’re here all the time. Our process means we can be in on the project early, helping you refine the design to make it work in the software your client uses.

We work with the design files you have taken the time to develop. No unnecessary markups. We build, deliver and fully support any implementation or installation steps required.

Assessing the brief

Our process starts by reviewing your designs, and the brand guidelines, if available, and an outline functionality that needs to be included. Then we arrange a call to discuss how this will translate to the chosen software.

Estimate the project

We estimate based on the project and the work involved. This takes into account the number of templates, the structure, the amount of content to recreate, font use, colour management and special considerations for the software you need them in.

Take the specifications

Once we get the go ahead, we ask for the full design package, preferably in InDesign or Illustrator. We print the key pages, and note down all the typography, colours, tints, fonts, rule weights and any custom assets or shapes we will need to create.

Assets and template build

Our process kicks off by dividing the design up into the graphic parts and layers we need. These could be pictures, background art, custom shapes or picture containers, icons, logos and any other brand element being used. We sit down, with a blank document, and start building the templates in your design.

Deliver templates and notes

We deliver the new templates, usually with introduction and install notes, for review and testing by the client. We ask that they have no more than five people to test it all, and return to any collated comments, questions or amend requests for review.

Feedback and amends

We assume at least one feedback and amend stage, to check that the new templates work the way they are required, and to help the client with any questions they may have. We can also discuss any additional functionality the client ne

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