Design for Office

First and foremost, this is FREE to design teams. We want to make sure your client gets the best solutions, and your design has to appreciate that Word is not InDesign, but boy, can it do some great things.

We’ve been developing template solutions for over 20 years. That’s 12 full versions of Office, across Mac and Windows. More than anything else, that gives us a very detailed understanding of how the Office applications work and what you and your client need to know about compatibility.

To help our creative clients design better solutions for their clients, we offer a training session called ‘Design for Office’. The session lasts around one hour 20 [Yep, we can do lunch times], and presents some of the do’s and don’ts that a designer needs to appreciate. You can find out what page layout works, what doesn’t, how PowerPoint thinks, and what the end user actually needs from the template. Most people have little or no formal training in these applications, so ‘easy to use’ is relative.

Call us now to discuss arranging a session with your design team. We can find a date and answer any questions you have.

If you don’t read manuals, you need this!

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Sessions are arranged subject to availability.

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