Methods of sharing

A number of our recent projects show how effective web and PDF solutions can deliver information to both executives and employee groups. These have included Shareholder forms, management appraisals and training programmes, which need to be shared in such a way to make them accessible and clear.

Often as not, these details come as part of a process, where the user has to complete documents for submission and review. Delivering the base documents involves a little thought to the available technology and what the ultimate solution needs to offer the user.

Microsite web solutions

A web-based solution can be delivered on a CD or DVD, with links to local or internet information through the microsite. The disk-based pages can access video or animation, but then navigate the user to online resources on a secure location if this is an issue. Web technology can incorporate a great deal of interactive methods for a much improved interface. Some consideration has to be made in terms of web browser being used, operating system in some cases and what the security issues may be for some projects.


PDF solutions

There are additional solutions in using PDF-based welcome pages in much the same way. A PDF is likely to deliver a better quality presentation if used in kiosk-mode. Animation is possible, as are embedded video, and linked pages can better subdivide the information or document lists and descriptions. Using javascript can extend the controls and navigation experience.


In each example, the solution can open automatically when the user puts the disk in their computer in most cases. They can navigate through key sections, view documents and watch video, if included. The documents supplied on the CD/DVD can be completed by the user and submitted as part of the programme. There are some technical and user considerations that need to be assessed, but can be very effective methods of sharing information in a group.

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