Strutt and Parker proposals

Strutt and Parker, one of the leading private and commercial estate agents, needed help in formulating their proposals for commercial and land management work. The proposals would need to contain about 80% of the final content, with the agent updating or filling in the remaining parts. All of the design work was completed by Columns Design and their InDesign files were supplied to us. We took all of the measurements and colours from the design files, so there is no need to spend time doing elaborate markups.

The Word template we developed had all of the sections preset, with a custom toolbar that listed all of the available type styles and a number of optional assets, like specific diagrams, tables and charts. Word 2007 does not fully support toolbars, so it is important to clarify the Word versions in use. The user only had to click in a page and select the asset from the toolbar list and the item was added. We also created a set of references from the cover page. This meant that when all of the cover details were filled in, so were around 20 details throughout the proposal. Feedback has been very positive, and we have recently made some minor changes for the better.

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