Jamie Oliver stationery

We recently completed a large set of business templates in both Word and PowerPoint for Jamie Oliver’s management business. These templates, which cover most document types from meeting notes to purchase orders, also come in three colour ways.

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Most of the Word templates were reasonably straight-forward, but a few of them had to be a little more helpful. For instance, the purchase order had predefined calculations for subtotals and totals. Yes, calculations in Word. These updated automatically when the document was printed. The PowerPoint is used for all manner of presentations, to both suppliers and clients, and the three colour ways designed allow the business to present a more open style synonymous with the celebrity chef.

It’s always interesting to work on a famous or celebrity brand, but it is equally interesting to be given good design to work with. Some issues are often more complicated than the designer thought, and part of our job is to interpret the design, resolving issues the designer didn’t know they had. Now there’s a skill.

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