Reporting for CFE

We have recently been helping Playne Design update the stationery and reporting templates for their client CFE. The work involved a number of templates in Word, from letterheads to tender reports. There are some interesting interactive issues to deal with when developing report or tender templates, and the occasional modification of the designs are sometimes needed to make it better for the end user. Graphic design is, more than anything, aimed at producing something that puts ink on paper, not the particular interactive process that you get in Word or PowerPoint. Templates are as much about using the software as it is in applying a well-designed identity.

LogoThe templates were developed entirely in Office 2007, which presents a few compatibility issues for users of older versions, as well as a large number of benefits to the user. The benefits mostly outweigh the negatives.

Colours are now manageable across the documents you create, and Office 2007 allows for much more control over a great number of features. All good for managing that corporate identity.

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