Wonders of Office 2007

We have just about every version of Office going back to Office 95.

Including the Mac versions. We don’t get asked for Office 95 very often and I think the last one was for Thames Water some years ago, but have them we do. You see, our philosophy is based around developing in the right version, so we know that you or your client get the templates they deserve. Doing the work in just one version is not clever, especially if that version is a Mac one.

When we first received Office 2007, we were a little taken aback at the new interface, the complete change to where things were, and the changes to our old favourite features. As time goes by, and we get the chance to really push the new versions, we find some new or improved features. Word has quite a redesign, and there are a few features that we still can’t find, although most of these seem to be folded into other features. Not sure we agree with some of them, but we can’t tell Microsoft what to do can we? Equally, PowerPoint gets a make-over, finally, and offers multiple masters in a better way. [Despite being a touch incompatible with previous versions, but that’s for another time.] You can now setup proper charting templates, so the user can now create a new chart with a design of your choice, instead of the designs Microsoft have decided on.

We have warmed to Office 2007 here, and are more than aware of the issues it has with previous versions. We can help if this is a problem for your project, and you are welcome to give us a call if we can be of any help.

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