Get to know the ribbon

When Microsoft unveiled the new ribbon interface to Office 2007, it was quite a shock to users, and was the end to the familiar toolbars used in the previous versions. We were pretty surprised ourselves, as we often used custom toolbars to help users with lists of type styles and any programmed buttons we needed to display for those automations people like.Toolbar or ribbon?

So it was good to find that Microsoft have come forward with ways of educating its user-base. Here are a few online resources that let people get to know the ribbon.

New to the ribbon: This link takes you to the main page of the introduction. It covers where you’ll find the features on the new format, offers help on those all important key commands and there’s also a ‘Play ribbon hero’ game to try out.

Where’s my feature?: This link is to a page that offers you the opportunity to compare Office 2003 toolbar features with the new ribbon in Office 2007. Interestingly, there are a few features we couldn’t find using this. Still, it’s very useful.

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