A PowerPoint template

Installing a PowerPoint template follows the same requirements for Word. In fact, Word is like the manager of the Office suite, so the place for Word templates is the same for PowerPoint.

A PowerPoint template consists of setting up masters, text positions and sizes, typographic levels, colour management and any embedded graphics or assets that make up the design. The masters manage both title and standard slides, and alternative masters can be set up to manage additional layouts, dividers or other such requirements. In effect, the template is the ideal starting point for any new presentations the user needs to build. A good template has a clear and defined design, as well as enough preset details to supply the user with the basis of any new slide. Colour should be defined in a scheme that applies realistically to any inserted chart or diagram.

Unlike Word, adding macros and automation for PowerPoint is a little more involved. PowerPoint uses an ‘add-in’ system, which is actually a very smart Powerpoint template in its own right. There are some limitations though, and can get expensive.

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